Read at least 30 mins per day every day (7/7)

Practice Spanish for at least 15 mins per day every week day (3/5)

Practice interview prep (Data Structures and Algorithms) every weekday (3/5)

Drank water (one gallon, upgraded from drinking any at all) (3/5)

Cooked dinner at home M-Thurs (3/4)

I pretty much fell off track for each habit after Wednesday. On Wednesday I felt like I was unable to cope with boredom and ended up spending unbudgeted money and overeating at a restaurant. It is informative to know that when I fall into old spending and eating habits I also slip in my productivity habits as well. That indicates to me that my coping skills to deal with boredom need work. I’m not sure exactly how to address that, but an awareness of the issue is a good first step.