Current Habits

Read at least 30 mins per day every day (7/7)

Practice Spanish for at least 15 mins per day every week day (5/5)

Practice interview prep (Data Structures and Algorithms) every weekday (5/5)

Drank water (one gallon, upgraded from drinking any at all) (6/7)

Cooked dinner at home every weekday (4/5)


I've deprioritized my physical activity goal because I was not progressing. Despite implementing the strategies learned in James Clears Atomic Habits, such as "make it simple" I struggled to find the time and energy to implement the physical activity. At this point in my journey, adding a physical and mental overhaul is too much at once. The mental work needed to reach my financial goals is sapping my energy. I will revisit this habit once my current ones are ingrained and easy to achieve.

My "make it simple" strategy to increase my DSA practice worked. 

I increased my threshold of completeness of my water consumption goal from "any water at all" to "one gallon per day" and was reasonably successful, only missing the mark one day. 

I am doing well cooking my dinner every night; the only night I failed was during date night. 

Overall, this week is a good improvement relative to last week.